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I'm thrilled you are interested in Barra Basics - my premium online fishing course designed exclusively to fast track your learning curve saving you frustration, time and money. And better still.. you will actually catch fish!

Whether you enjoy the thrill of lure casting fish in the shallows, or would rather sit back and relax while your live bait does the work, we're here to turn your dreams into reality.

After successfully empowering hundreds of ambitious anglers with my proven methods, vastly increasing their fishing enjoyment and catches, my deepest hope is that I will be able to help you do the same.

Cheers, Ryan


Ryan's mission is to help you realise your greater potential and live the dream of barra fishing mastery.

He is the founder of Hooked on Hinchinbrook charters and has so far put clients onto over two thousand barra over a metre, in addition to numerous thousand pound marlin in his stellar career. You could say, putting people onto bucket list fish has been his life for over 30 years.

Ryan is a guest host and product tester for Jarvis Walker Brands here in Australia and Ambassador for both Garmin Marine and Bombardier (Evinrude). He has been featured in several successful fishing shows, radio broadcasts and popular fishing magazines. He holds the honour of landing the two biggest saltwater barra ever caught on Australian TV and writes a regular column for Queensland Fishing Monthly (QFM).


Barra Basics is a 6 module, online, video-based training course. But don't let the catchy name fool you. Barra Basics contains everything Ryan Moody knows about catching barramundi, neatly packaged into an easy to follow course.

Barra Basics shows you step-by-step how to position yourself in fish holding and funneling locations at exactly the right time.

Being in the right Territory at the right Time using the right Techniques = consistent saltwater barra catches. We call it the three T's.

You will learn to fish more effectively following Ryan's proven 3T's framework and turn your on water presence from a frustrating hobby into a fish catching machine.

This is it! No frills, no fluff, no having to spend a ton more money on gear than you already have... Simply learning where they go, what they do, and how to catch them.

Do you want consistent catches of magnificent saltwater barra?
Do you want the same knowledge and success as the 'Gun Fishos?'

If the answer is Yes... then read on.

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  BARRA BASICS includes more and more bonuses....



NIGHT fishing the salt

JIGGING deep holes

BIG TIDES Central Qld (also applies to Darwin & WA)

ADVANCED - Fast Trolling

ADVANCED - Back Water Demonstrations 

ADVANCED - Dirty Water Lines 1 - water collisions

ADVANCED - more in the pipeline



We are thrilled to have received outstanding reviews from our graduates and have a vibrant community of passionate and successful barra fishers who can attest to the power of the program.

David Harding

“It’s all paying off already! This is one of many dropped fish today. Went for a run to put some of the things I’ve learnt so far into action and without a doubt it worked! I got him in a place I would’ve driven past a millions times and never given it a second look… Thanks again Ryan and Karen for this amazing course!”

David Harding Barra Basics Graduate
Chris Long

“Definitely glad I did this! Once again thanks Ryan and Karen for a great course! Definitely seeing big improvements in consistency already. I managed to land 5 Barra over two days on Friday and Saturday. All tagged and released  Both days only having to spend a few hours at a time on the water, using the framework to be in the right place at the right time. Biggest was this 74cm Barra. Also had a split ring fail on me and lost a stonker fish.”

Chris Long Barra Basics Graduate
Dee Coope

“Thank you Ryan Moody. My hubby doing your course and advice is paying off. Nice 70cm I caught and out fished the boys. He was following your time frame and fishing the headlands so he tells me. We went out again today and our 12yr old son caught a Barra. That’s 3 legal Barra 3 trips better ratio than we were getting before Ryan’s course.”

Dee Coope Barra Basics Graduate's Wife
Nathan Porter

“Hey Ryan, Searched and found barra according to your framework today. Used the techniques suggested on their noses and came up with results. Of 6 caught for the day… Cheers mate“

Nathan Porter Barra Basics Graduate


There are 6 core learning modules, including in field demonstrations of exactly how it is done. We focus exclusively on saltwater barra, Ryan's speciality. You will learn the most productive locations in your patch based on your preferred fishing technique, so you can plan out your fishing days a year in advance and leave the less productive times for mowing the lawn and playing with the kids. When you are making an investment of this magnitude, it's important to know what you are getting. That's why we share the entire curriculum with you - so you can make sure the program is right for you.

To hear what our graduates think of the course Click Here, otherwise read on for the full tour.



Develop a strategic plan for consistent results

how to catch barra using the Ryan Moody fishing framework
catching barra strategically

Module 1 is all about strategy and being in the right Territory at the right Time. It is in Module 1 that you are introduced to the ©Ryan Moody Fishing Framework, a flowchart that tells you exactly where to go, when to go and what to use. Please note  this entire course  is specifically devoted to saltwater barra*.

  • How to determine the best fishing location for your area and the date/time you need to be there
  • Why your previous fishing successes have been sporadic at best
  • Get to the bottom of how barramundi behave and the benefits that come from this understanding
  • How to effectively and strategically plan out the most profitable fishing times for your local area and your preferred method (live baiting, trolling, lure casting and jigging*) using a simple flowchart
  • Tips (and homework) on how to investigate fish holding locations in your local area (or any area you want to fish) by asking yourself some simple questions.
  • When to keep persevering and when to call it day… what turns them off.


  1. Concept video 1: "Fishing with Strategy" introducing the Ryan Moody Fishing framework
  2. Bonus video: "Effects of barometer on barra" including how to navigate BOM website
  3. Strategy calendar: To be used in conjunction with the workbook
  4. Fishing with strategy workbook: Assistance on working out your local area FAST.


Setting a solid foundation for your long term success

how to catch barra using the Ryan Moody fishing framework
five best baits to catch barramundi

Module 2 is about working with the right tools. Module 2 is the biggest of all the modules simply because good preparation prevents poor performance. It is in Module 2 you will learn how to implement the right tools component and how it fits together into the ©Ryan Moody Barra Fishing Framework.

  • Learn the best live bait for saltwater barramundi  and where to find them at varying stages of the tide.
  • How to ensure you catch your bait before you need them thus maximising the time spent fishing the “sweet spot”.
  • Key distinctions that separate OK bait presentation to outstanding bait presentation
  • Don’t waste any more money on lures* – learn to present the ones you have. Ryan talks about his favourites and why.
  • You only need to know four knots and we show you some tricks on how to tie them quick and easy.


  1. Concept video: "Preparation is the key - live baiting" including how, where and when to collect the best live bait for barra.
  2. Concept video: "Preparation is the key - lures and gear."
  3. Bonus in-field demo video: "High and low tide bait locations"
  4. Bonus in-field demo video: "All tide bait locations for herring"
  5. Bonus in field demo video:  "Tackle and bait rigging"
  6. Bonus in-field demo video: "The four knots"


Learn proven principles to sky-rocket your catches

how to catch barra using the Ryan Moody fishing framework
how to catch barra on shallow flats and headlands

In Module 3 we get into the nitty gritty of the ©Ryan Moody Barra Fishing Framework.

  • Learn to identify the five key holding and funnelling locations for shallow flats and headlands without using a sounder
  • Determine the best of these areas in your local patch and exactly how the fish move between them and thus, how to fish them
  • The best techniques to use in these areas and how this changes with various stages of the tide
  • Use the Framework to keep yourself in the “sweet spot” all day by moving or changing techniques in accordance with a simple flowchart


  1. Concept video: "Shallow flats and headlands" incorporating the Ryan Moody Fishing framework
  2. Bonus in-field demo video: "Rocky foreshores and obstructions"
  3. Bonus in-field demo video: "Rocky outcrops"
  4. Bonus in-field demo video: "Mangroves and dirty water lines"


Unlock the secrets to find and fish rock bars

how to catch barra using the Ryan Moody fishing framework
how to catch barra on creek rock bars

Module 4 unlocks the secrets to fishing creek rock bars.

  • Learn the key to identifying creek rock bars without using a sounder
  • Why the correct anchoring technique and location will make all the difference
  • Why you don’t need fish to show on the sounder to catch rock bar fish
  • Use a simple flowchart to keep yourself in the “sweet spot” all day by moving or changing techniques in accordance with the ©Ryan Moody Fishing Framework


  1. Concept video: "Creek rock bars" incorporating the Ryan Moody Fishing framework
  2. Bonus in-field demo video: "How to find and fish creek rock bars"


Spend your fishing time in the strike zone

how to catch barra using the Ryan Moody fishing framework
how to catch barramundi in deep holes and snags

Module 5 teaches the use of your sounder to identify aggregating fish. Fishing deep holes, ledges and snags is the only one of our holding areas that require the use of a sounder.

  • Learn why fish aggregate in these areas and when they will be there
  • Discover advanced trolling techniques to maximise your success and avoid losing precious lures
  • Use a simple flowchart to keep yourself in the “sweet spot” all day by moving or changing techniques in accordance with the ©Ryan Moody Fishing Framework


  1. Concept video: "Deep holes, ledges and snags" incorporating the Ryan Moody Fishing framework
  2. Bonus in-field demo video: "Advanced trolling techniques for deep holes, ledges and snags"
  3. Bonus in-field demo video: "How to set your sounder to best identify aggregating barra"
  4. Bonus in-field demo video: "Jigging for barra"


From hook up to table/release

safely handle and release barramundi
safely handle barra for photo or release

Module 6 is the pointy end where all the hard work pays off. At the end of this module you will be able to;

  • Handle fish for photo/release in the best possible condition for capture on another day (when they are even bigger)
  • Amaze your mates by landing a fish with no net
  • A run down on Ryan’s boat and some clever tips to make fishing easy


  1. Concept video: "Seal the deal - from hook up to table/release"
  2. Bonus in-field demo video: "Fish handling plus..."
  3. Bonus in-field demo video: "Inside Ryan's boat"

BONUS Module 7: Impoundment Barra


    • Fishing Impoundments concept video and Framework
    • Deep Structure
    • Shallow Structure
    • 'Spill the secrets' Interview with Impoundment Specialist Lindsay Dobe.

Module 8 LAND-BASED BARRA. At the end of this module you will be able to;

  • Identify specific criteria that makes for a great land-based location
  • Know exactly when to fish each area and when to change up techniques to maximise catches.
  • Tune into the environment and snatch opportunities when they arise.


  1. Concept video 1: Intro, rockwalls and land-based framework.
  2. Concept video 2: Shoreline features, Jetties and Uni-directional flow.
  3. Bonus in-field demo video: "Rock walls - Plastics"
  4. Bonus in-field demo video: "Rock walls - Hard bodies"
  5. Bonus in-field demo video: "Rock walls - Live Bait"
  6. Bonus in-field demo video: "Shoreline Features - Drop Offs"
  7. Bonus in-field demo video: "Shoreline Features - Headlands and Spits"
  8. Bonus in-field demo video: "Shoreline Features - Gutters and Drains"
  9. Bonus in-field demo video: "Shoreline Features - Detached Snags"
  10. Bonus in-field demo video: "Shoreline Features - Bait Areas"
  11. Bonus in-field demo video: "Jetties Deep and Shallow"
  12. Bonus in-field demo video: "Inspecting areas at low tide"
  13. Bonus in-field demo video: "Snag reduction tips"
  14. Bonus in-field demo video: "Billabongs, Lagoons and Weirs (COMING SOON Covid Delay)


As anyone who has tried to change habits would know, being accountable to another or having a supportive community of like minded individuals is invaluable. So we have set up private, student only Facebook study group for you guys to help each other! And let me just say, this community is developing into the most amazing resource and we are blown away by the success of our students and the willingness of those a little more advanced to assist and help the others. As they say... A rising tide lifts all boats.

Oh and we have also created a knowledge base of over 700 Q&A entries with Ryan and students covering hundreds of locations and topics all over northern Australia. It is fully searchable and available directly on the website.


Two “live conference calls” (webinars) will be scheduled within a few weeks of the course opening where students can ask questions via the call and pre-request questions via email.  The dates for these calls are as will be made available closer to the registration period. Recordings will be made available for those that miss it.


Your complete training package is contained within our private member-only website.

If you can use a computer to print a page and watch YouTube videos, you can easily complete this course. 

  • Private membership area

    Simply log on with a username and password

    You’ll watch and learn from your computer, mobile or tablet device

  • Learn at your own pace

    We give you access to all content from day one

    Pace yourself or consume it all in one weekend, the choice is yours

  • Step-by-step training videos

    Non frills, no fluff just step-by-step training

    Both mobile and tablet responsive, you can log in wherever there is internet

  • Done for you action guides

    Don’t waste time re-inventing the wheel

    Strategy workbook and tidal calendar to remove all the guesswork

Our goal is to make your online learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Q. Where are graduates catching barra?

where can you catch barramundi

A. The framework works EVERYWHERE!

(Except Antarctica and other such places barra are not found)

catching barramundi in darwin with barra basics course
Fishing for barramundi in Bundaberg


Barra Basics registrations are open for two weeks in February and September.

Once payment is received, a membership link and password will be emailed to you

You will obtain immediate access to all content and the private member-only forums

Remember, you get access to the content as long as the course is in existence and can revist the modules in any order as often as you like


Absolutely. The course is video based so you can go through it at your leisure or engulf it in one sitting, it is entirely up to you

So if you are working away, travelling or dealing with a big life event, you don't have to worry about "falling behind." Every student gets lifetime access to Barra Basics.

In other words, you can undertake the program for as long as it is in existence. Plus you will have access to all updates and any new material added. 

You can revisit and review the course at any time. All that is required is an internet connection for access to the membership area.

Barra Basics is a roadmap to catch barramundi
Barra Basics is a framework to catch barramundi in Australia
questions about barra basics


Barra Basics has dynamic support structures to keep you on track every step of the way!

Which is why we only offer the program twice per year... so we can provide extensive support to those who may need it.


    Under each training video you will have the opportunity to comment and get responses from Barra Basics graduates, your fellow students, Team Moody and Ryan


    We’re proud to have one of the most active and supportive fishing communities on the web. In our private, student-only community, you’ll be able to post your questions to both your fellow students and Ryan. With a such an active and helpful community by your side, questions are rarely unanswered for long!


    As always, we’re here to help you. If you have technical issues or a challenge you need help with, simply contact us using this form and our web support team will be happy to take care of you. Our customer service hours are M-F, from 9am – 5pm AEST.


    To tackle your toughest questions and keep you inspired, energized and taking action, Ryan holds two “live call” webinars. If you can’t participate live, simply submit your question in advance! We also record each webinar so you can listen and learn at your own convenience.


The tuition for Barra Basics is currently $1499 AUD. You can pay in full or take advantage of our payment plan of three or six months.


Our mission is to help you realise your full potential and achieve your dreams of fishing success.

Unfortunately, due the easily shareable nature of this content, we do not offer a refund other than when required by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Law.

Even if you don’t end up using it straight away, you still get to keep & use it over and again. Ryan’s strategies have been tested and proven.

It’s a unique, generous offering, and you’d be hard pressed to find as much content, and knowledge in a very small priced program. When you invest in your self with a Barra Basics membership, your purchase is final.


If you are still wondering, please choose from the following.

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Inspiring Case Studies of Barra Basics Graduates Living the Dream Every intake we ask Barra Basics students a series of questions about the course. Most don't answer but some do. Here are their unedited answers with a couple of video case studies thrown in.

Read Real Customer Reviews We have collated just a few of the hundreds of thank-you's and praise for the course, sent in to us (mostly unsolicited) from course graduates explaining what a remarkable difference the course has had on their fishing. We are honoured to have made such an impact in people's lives.




Fish Smarter Not Harder | Be inspired | Take action!

On behalf of myself, our team and the entire Barra Basics community, I sincerely hope to have the privilege of working with you.

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