Don't take it from us, listen to our Grads.

Each year we are excited to work with a vibrant community of fellow barra fishers and we are so honoured to collect their inspiring stories and receive their praise. You'll find just a few of our favourites below. Some have asked to remain anonymous hence their names are withheld.

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Ian Gilding catches barramundi using Ryan Moody techniques
catching barramundi in Bowen Queensland
Aaron tops 110cm after using Ryan Moody's fishing techniques
how to catch barramundi in Rockhampton Queensland
Catching barramundi in Cairns
Catch barramundi in Bundaberg
Melissa catches personal best barra using Ryan Moody's techniques
Massive barra caught in Gladstone - wins national barra competition
Big barra in Townsville using Ryan Moody's techniques
Ryan Moody's barra basics ecourse students testimonial big barra photo

How does Basics Basics stack up when you go to a new area?

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On behalf of myself, our team and the entire Barra Basics community, I sincerely hope to have the privilege of working with you.

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Metre barra caught in Townsville by Barra Basics student
Barra Basics online course student catches barra in Townsville
How to catch barra using Ryan Moody's techniques
Catching barramundi in Mackay with barra basics online course
Learning to catch barramundi with Ryan Moody's online course
108cm barra caught in Gladstone
Caught 5 barra in a day using Ryan Moody fishing techniques | Bowen

To experienced anglers wondering if they'll learn anything?

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On behalf of myself, our team and the entire Barra Basics community, I sincerely hope to have the privilege of working with you.

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Barra Basics students in Darwin catching barramundi
Barra basics course provides skills needed to catch barra in Darwin
How to catch barramundi in the Burdekin River
Rayce Robertson catching barramundi in darwin with barra basics course
Metery barramundi galore in Cairns
Barra Basics online fishing course to catch barramundi
Barra Basics online fishing course to catch barramundi

For novice anglers or anglers new to barra

Well worth the money! Very clear and direct. Uncovered a few myths on fish holding areas, retrievals and overall the framework just makes plain sense once you see it. I can see this working in a number of areas around Darwin and the NT. Used some techniques from your free videos and saw immediate results. Cant wait to get out there with this extra knowledge and learn more about my area!!

P.S.- It is great to see the push of catch and release throughout the course. All of my fish are released and that's the way it should be. Thanks Ryan and Team!

- Brad from Darwin
David Harding

“It’s all paying off already! This is one of many dropped fish today. Went for a run to put some of the things I’ve learnt so far into action and without a doubt it worked! I got him in a place I would’ve driven past a millions times and never given it a second look… Thanks again Ryan and Karen for this amazing course!”

David Harding Barra Basics Graduate
Barra Basics Graduate

Well, my mate asked if was worth going fishing this arvo/evening… I checked out the framework and said we should catch something so why not. We ended with 5 Barra’s and my mate got his PB 110cm!”

Barra Basics Graduate
Chris Long

“Definitely glad I did this! Once again thanks Ryan and Karen for a great course! Definitely seeing big improvements in consistency already. I managed to land 5 Barra over two days on Friday and Saturday. All tagged and released  Both days only having to spend a few hours at a time on the water, using the framework to be in the right place at the right time.”

Chris Long Barra Basics Graduate
Dee Coope

“Thank you Ryan Moody. My hubby doing your course and advice is paying off. Nice 70cm I caught and out fished the boys. He was following your time frame and fishing the headlands so he tells me. We went out again today and our 12yr old son caught a Barra. That’s 3 legal Barra 3 trips better ratio than we were getting before Ryan’s course.”

Dee Coope Barra Basics Graduate's Wife
Joseph Cernusco

“I used Ryans retrieve technique and it worked perfect every fish that grabbed the lure was hooked nice and solid no pulled hooks . Had lots of fun barra are awesome to catch especially in shallow water . Thanks again Ryan this course is excellent.”

Joseph Cernusco Barra Basics Graduate
Nathan Porter

“Hey Ryan, Searched and found barra according to your framework today. Used the techniques suggested on their noses and came up with results. Of 6 caught for the day but landed three. Cheers mate“

Nathan Porter Barra Basics Graduate
Andrew Sussani

“The framework worked perfectly on this fella, first 5 mins of our session on Saturday… I’ve always fished this mangrove forest but never did any good at the rocks. Right place, wrong time. I think that is the story of most of my barra fishing but I am working on changing that.”

Andrew Sussani Barra Basics Graduate
Brad Alexander

“A quick session today out on the headlands before the wind picked up with the family resulted in a 60cm Barra (and other by catches ) lure casting along a mangrove forest tight in the mangrove roots. Spooked 8 others around the rubble traveling to the mangroves one being 80 – 85cm, all my timing and strategy had lined up with the course! Awesome no time wasted!!

Brad Alexander Barra Basics Graduate
Joshua MacCarthy

“I have only got through the first two modules so far cause pretty busy with work. But found them very useful, little things like using the bimini twist … also I found it interesting about the barra eyes and this made me change the depth of the lures I was running (caught eight barra that day!) . I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the next few modules. I found all of this stuff very helpful and liked some of the little tricks great, stuff that would have taken me years to pick up/figure out myself.”

Joshua MacCarthy Barra Basics Graduate
Brett Ford

Watched the first module of the Barra Basics course last night. Fantastic and well presented. Absolutely stoked not only for you and Karen but for me and my family mate, best investment I’ve made for some time, cheers

Brett Ford Barra Basics Graduate
Steve Nuttall

“Three metre barra, this one 126cm and lost another 10 or so in the one session. Forget everything you used to know about fishing for barra and just follow the framework.”

Steve Nuttall Barra Basics Graduate

Whether through the internet, fishing magazines and books, sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to pinpoint quality information on successfully targeting Barramundi. Ryan Moody has solved that problem by condensing thirty years of knowledge as a professional and highly successful charter guide and providing that information in an easy to learn, complete package. This course covers how, when and where to fish in your main fishing location, or any Barramundi fishery you choose to visit. This course will save you money and time, ensuring you have the skills and techniques to effectively target Barramundi from day one, via live baiting, luring, jigging and trolling. After finishing this course you will be fishing with confidence and you will hit the ramp with a proven fishing strategy, using skills that really work and took decades to perfect. I will never look at my local estuaries, flats and headlands the same way again!"

- Nick Phillipa, Fishing writer and Barra Basics Graduate
Chris Long

No denying this course!! Cracker arvo again. Managed to boat a 100cm, 115cm and a 120cm. All tagged and released again. Stolked! Cheers Ryan. You did say the meterys would come soon enough.”

Chris Long Barra Basics Graduate
Barra Basics student wins national barra competition with 108cm barra

Barra Basics student Chris Long wins his first national barra competition

Jeff Tanswell

Regardless of how much Barra fishing you have done, have you’ve ever wondered why you caught that Barra or why you have caught no Barra today?….wondered which lure, rod, reel, boat or fish magazine/DVD will give you most bang for your buck and change your luck? Wondered if you have the knowledge/skills to help your partner, children, or you, to catch something today which will make it one of those special moments that we all look back on years later and smile. The answers are here in the Barra Basics course, it is very insightful, thorough, easy and laid out, with great support from Karen and Ryan as well as the fellow students. So stop wondering and start doing…you will be surprised how differently you will view Barra fishing after doing this course, and knowledge equals confidence equals fish…

Jeff Tanswell Barra Basics Graduate
James Housley

103cm barra released. Great course learnt alot about Barra habits,ie Framework which tides and when, the  3 T,s”

James Housley Barra Basics Graduate

To the Minister of Finance wondering about value...

Fish Smarter Not Harder | Be inspired | Take action!

On behalf of myself, our team and the entire Barra Basics community, I sincerely hope to have the privilege of working with you.

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"I am glad people say it is too expensive. I could only imagine what it would be like if everyone knew this kind of information."

- Barra Basics Graduate

"I am really surprised how the private Facebook page is running. Great feedback and help, it is really nice to know there aren't any armatures/ poachers snooping around using this information for the wrong reasons. "

- Barra Basics Graduate

I really hope the right people access this course; to improve the enjoyment in their hobbies, not to improve their ego.

- Barra Basics Graduate

“…For me, it has definitely opened my eyes to a lot of different strategies and techniques I have not tried or thought of yet. This extent of knowledge and technique cannot be learnt in a one day charter, or even "word of mouth" from any local expert. The money I paid for this entire course is what I would pay for a one day charter locally. And I do not think I would even come close to absorbing this much great information. So thumbs up for a well laid out and informative course!”

- Chris Long - Barra Basics Graduate

"That module was excellent. I remember fishing (luring) a large run on the Daintree river and we caught a few different species but no barra. We couldn't work out what we were doing wrong. Looking back at that day now after learning through this module I see where and how we should have been fishing. We even spent a while jigging, which definitely was the wrong option. Thanks Ryan."

Barra Basics Graduate

Thanks for that I think I have watched the colour out of the videos am learning so much. will be up there next weekend to try it all out. Might see you guys out there. Thanks again”

Barra Basics Graduate

Finally got to put your framework to the test today Ryan, prior to completing this course I would have spent a day like today up a creek trying to escape the wind and dirty water. But by sticking to the framework and techniques learnt in the course I managed to have a reasonable day with the barra. Cheers mate!"

Barra Basics Graduate

Definitely money well spent this course!! First day off today, went trolling on the incoming… Pulled this 67cm Barra… and lost another at the boat not long before. Also caught a little 34cm Jack. Both released to fight another day!"

Barra Basics Graduate

45cm caught yesterday. Lure was suggested colour and used the retrieval technique given. Just gotta work on the size now!!still good fun. The next went 57cm. So close to my first legal.”

Barra Basics Graduate

Loving the course Ryan and Karen. Best investment I've made in ages”

Barra Basics Graduate

Got the course and I’m loving it so far, keep up the great work”

Rooster George - Barra Basics Graduate

I had 10 days away earlier this month which was a great opportunity to put Ryan’s knowledge and strategy into practice. We started fishing the creeks and caught loads (15 to 20 per session) of smaller school size Barra around the 50 to 65 cm’s.  Then thinking about the things Ryan had said about Barra congregating... we made a move and bingo; the larger Barra ‘70cm to 1m’s’ were... We made a decision not to keep fish under 65cm or over 80cm which still saw us get almost all our bag limit in 2 days, we released at least five times as many fish as we kept which was very gratifying indeed."

Barra Basics Graduate

The things that’s stands out most for me from the Barra Basics course is how it takes a lot of guess work out of the game by teaching the art of strategy and planning each outing with confidence… This has increased my catch rate, allowed me to chase both large and small fish and saved me wasting time in the wrong locations targeting Barra in the wrong way."

Bruce Hindmarsh - Barra Basics Graduate

The framework is GOLD!"

Brad White - Barra Basics Graduate

This is a great body of work that you have compiled! Well done and I hope you get plenty of subscribers… now all you have to worry about is the queues of boats hanging around your spots 😉

Barra Basics Graduate

We are so inspired by our students dedication and are thrilled to be able to assist them fulfill their dreams. Here is a small collection of their successes extracted from the private facebook group. Identities and locations withheld for obvious reasons.

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On behalf of myself, our team and the entire Barra Basics community, I sincerely hope to have the privilege of working with you.

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