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We all have such busy lives these days with so many competing interests (job, family)

Taking what little spare time you have and making it productive - either to bring back a fish for the table or just to come back satisfied, relaxed and confident - perhaps all of the above... is what Barra Basics is all about.

Our mission is to prepare and inspire you to make your days off count and bring real enjoyment to your life.

Below is a quick summary of how we plan to do just that. 

Chris Long - Barra Basics Graduate

“…For me, it has definitely opened my eyes to a lot of different strategies and techniques I have not tried or thought of yet. This extent of knowledge and technique cannot be learnt in a one day charter, or even "word of mouth" from any local expert. The money I paid for this entire course is what I would pay for a one day charter locally. And I do not think I would even come close to absorbing this much great information. So thumbs up for a well laid out and informative course!”

Chris Long - Barra Basics Graduate
Jeff Tanswell - Barra Basics Graduate

“Stop wondering and start doing…you will be surprised how differently you will view Barra fishing after doing this course, and knowledge equals confidence equals fish…”

Jeff Tanswell - Barra Basics Graduate

From Zero to Hero | Be inspired | Take action!

On behalf of myself, our team and the entire Barra Basics community, I sincerely hope to have the privilege of working with you.

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where to catch barramundi in australia


At the end of this module you will have an easy step-by-step proven framework to get you in the;

  • Right Territory
  • At the right Time
  • With the right Techniques/Tools

"That module was excellent. I remember fishing (luring) a large run on the Daintree river and we caught a few different species but no barra. We couldn't work out what we were doing wrong. Looking back at that day now after learning through this module I see where and how we should have been fishing. We even spent a while jigging, which definitely was the wrong option. Thanks Ryan."

Barra Basics Graduate

tackle to use for big barra


Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance! At the end of this module you will know how to;

  • Collect the best live bait without taking all day
  • Choose the most appropriate lure for each application
  • Convert bites to captures by using the right gear

Definitely money well spent this course!! First day off today, went trolling on the incoming… Pulled this 67cm Barra… and lost another at the boat not long before. Also caught a little 34cm Jack. Both released to fight another day!"

Barra Basics Graduate

tides to catch a barra flowchart


By using the framework about why we fish there, at the end of this module you will be able to;

  • Identify fish holding bays and headlands and know when to fish them
  • Choose the right bait/lure at the right tide time to maximise success
  • Entice fish to bite using proven casting and anchoring techniques

Finally got to put your framework to the test today Ryan, prior to completing this course I would have spent a day like today up a creek trying to escape the wind and dirty water. But by sticking to the framework and techniques learnt in the course I managed to have a reasonable day with the barra. Cheers mate!"

Barra Basics Graduate

barra fishing spots in creeks


Revisit the framework to discover how to fish shallow rock bars for barra so you can;

  • Recognise high potential spots in your local river and creek
  • Position the right bait at the right time to maximise success
  • Know when to quit (refer to framework) and when to keep trying - tips to stay focused and mixing things up

I had 10 days away earlier this month which was a great opportunity to put Ryan’s knowledge and strategy into practice. We started fishing the creeks and caught loads (15 to 20 per session) of smaller school size Barra around the 50 to 65 cm’s.  Then thinking about the things Ryan had said about Barra congregating... we made a move and bingo; the larger Barra ‘70cm to 1m’s’ were... We made a decision not to keep fish under 65cm or over 80cm which still saw us get almost all our bag limit in 2 days, we released at least five times as many fish as we kept which was very gratifying indeed."

Barra Basics Graduate

sounder shots of barra on the bottom


In conjunction with the framework outlined in module 1, at the end of this module you should be able to;

  • Identify and locate deep holes, ledges and snags likely to hold barra and know when to fish them
  • Use proven techniques to convert browsers into bites
  • Learn useful boating skills to maximise your chances by positioning yourself ON the fish

The framework is GOLD!"

Brad White - Barra Basics Graduate

how to handle barra for release


This is the pointy end where all the hard work pays off. At the end of this module you will be able to;

  • Sit on your hands and let the fish catch itself. Avoid rookie mistakes and convert bites to captures
  • Amaze your mates by landing fish with no net
  • Handle fish in the best possible condition for capture another day when they are even BIGGER!
learn to catch barramundi with Barra Basics

Cairns student James Housley with a 101cm barra

Rockhampton barramundi caught using Ryan Moodys fishing techiques

Dale Spring with a nice Rockhampton barra

Save money with Barra Basics

Stop wasting fuel - know where to go when

No need to buy more lures - learn to use the gear you already have

Friends and Family love a feed

Fresh fish for dinner - does it get any better?

Great fisherman = HERO! Be then envy of your mates

Have more time for YOU!

Pre-plan the best time and go only then

30 years of experience bundled into one easy to learn course

De-stress and get healthy

Fishing with know how = confidence

Come home feeling relaxed and ready to face the crazy world again

Barra Basics students are catching barra all over Northern Australia

Where to catch barra in Australia

The framework works EVERYWHERE!

(Except Antarctica and other such places barra are not found)

Fishing training on how to catch barramundi in Australia

What Barra Basics is all about!


infographoc of barra basics modules

CORE SIX MODULE TRAINING: This 6 module system has taken me over 30 years and tens of thousands of dollars to learn, distil, refine and package for you in an easy to follow format that helps you get results.

BONUS ‘DONE FOR YOU’ DEMO VIDEOS: If you have ever spent hours reading and watching fishing materials trying to find out where to go and what to do, you will know how valuable these short cut demo videos are. A one day tuition with my previous boating and fishing service cost upward of $850 and covered only a tiny component of this course.

LIVE CALLS: Ask me questions. Get feedback. Private forums also give you access to a supportive and like-minded community.

WHAT HAVE YOU SPENT ALREADY? How much money have you already spent on boat, fishing equipment, lets not forget lures, electronics etc.? THOUSANDS! The knowledge attained through Barra Basics will help you fully utilise these investments… AND catch Barra!

This could be you...


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From Zero to Hero | Be inspired | Take action!

On behalf of myself, our team and the entire Barra Basics community, I sincerely hope to have the privilege of working with you.

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