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An online fishing course with proven step by step instructions to...


Do it in your own time at your own pace!

catching big barra in Gladstone
catching big barra in Gladstone


Watch the video below...


But don't take our word for it... 

Central Queensland barramundi with Barra BASICS

Barra Basics is the ultimate solution for people who...

Don't have enough time to spend days and weeks on the water;

Have devoured books, magazines and fishing shows but still haven't managed to crack the code;

Catch barra one day and not the next... but the bad days outweigh the good;

Want to know exactly where to go when and what technique to use in their local area;

Want to fish smarter not harder and take years off their learning curve by learning from a well established and respected mentor.


Ryan Moody's Barra Basics online training program will revolutionise the way you fish for barra!

Max and Dallas catching big Rockhampton Barramundi
Barra caught in Bohle River using Ryan Moody techniques

Supercharge your fishing with my knowledge ! 

Catch more fish in less time!

We have poured our HEART and SOUL into this mentorship for you!


Access to the core videos for life, webinars for in depth discussion, private community study group including Q&A with Ryan to get your questions answered. Step by step proven framework to follow. Super advanced bonuses now added.

Join over 900 successful students.


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Barra Basics Core Program
Bonus Impoundment Module
Webinars with Ryan
Knowledge Base
12 months "Insiders" Study Group
BONUS: Sounder Skills 1
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$280 Per Month

for 5 months

Payment plan entry into Barra Basics November 2019.
  • Barra Basics Core Program
  • Bonus Impoundment Module
  • Webinars with Ryan
  • Knowledge Base
  • 12 months "Insiders" Study Group
  • BONUS: Sounder Skills 1
  • Deadline to purchase22nd July 2019

Payment Plan

$140 Per Month

for 10 months

Payment Plan entry into Barra Basics April 2020.
  • Barra Basics Core Program
  • Bonus Impoundment Module
  • Webinars with Ryan
  • Knowledge Base
  • 12 months "Insiders" Study Group
  • BONUS: Sounder Skills 1
  • Deadline to purchase22nd July 2019

Our students are loving it!


How to catch a barramundi made simple!

I think you can tell from the testimonials, Barra Basics is different from any other method of fishing tuition you have ever experienced.

Firstly, it's fully online and we support you every step of the way as you work through the content at your own pace.

Secondly, it will change the way you look at your fishing forever.

It is about having a fishing STRATEGY. It is about developing a PLAN!

In an attempt to better describe it, let me take you on a short journey.

Firstly, how it came about?

I got the idea for Barra Basics as a result of two events. The death of Ryan’s close friend due to melanoma and the constant questions we got asked on our Facebook page requesting information and tips from Ryan about catching barra.

Bryan’s death started me worrying about Ryan being out on charter in the sun constantly, and I wondered if there was another way he could help people catch fish without having to do it personally by baking every day in the sun.

It quickly became apparent that Ryan’s knowledge was vast and barra fishing very complicated.

I pretty much spent a week picking his brain and condensing everything he knows about where to go when into a one page flowchart with three tiers “Tidal Run”, “Territory” and “Technique”.

And so the Ryan Moody Fishing Framework was born.

However, it didn’t stop there. While tidal run is pretty easy to work out and the flowchart explained where to go, it missed a critical piece of the puzzle. How exactly do you identify these areas?

For example, one of the areas Ryan focuses on is mangrove forests. I noticed from fishing with him that when other boats were trolling for miles along the forest edges, we were anchored and live baiting in one spot.

Yet we would catch three fish to the other boats one without using fuel or covering any ground. Why?

After thirty years of trial and error, Ryan has worked out exactly where and when the fish to certain areas and he fishes only then.


But how could we explain to the layman exactly where the fish will emerge from the forest when there are 40 gazillion hectare of mangroves along the east coast. Enter the identification modules and demo videos.

The 24 original core videos include concept videos which walk you through the “WHY” of it so to speak, tying it all together with the framework, while the demo videos take you into the field and show you “HOW”. 

Note: Barra Basics continues to evolve based on student feedback.

We have added an additional BONUS module covering impoundment barra including 4 new videos and an impoundment barra framework to follow.

PLUS new advanced videos covering dirty water line current collisions, advanced back water techniques, fast trolling and more to come.

So what we have ended up with is a complete step-by-step package. Using the framework you can effectively plan the days that will be best for your location and preferred technique and go only then.

If spare day comes up and the weather is good, check the framework and you will know exactly what technique to use where for that tidal run in your area.

And after following the steps in the workbook, you will have identified many such fish holding and funneling locations in your area, what techniques to use and the right time to fish them. Easy!

The T's generic graphGuarantees.

Will you catch fish using these techniques? Who knows? What I do know is that the techniques are tried and proven over a stellar thirty year career. They are the life’s work of Ryan Moody but certainly if you do nothing you will achieve nothing. And that goes with anything in life really. Sorry but I can’t be more honest than that. In the opinion of our students, this info is GOLD and if you do the work you will get results it is all up to YOU!

"The framework worked perfectly on this fella, first 5 mins of our session on Saturday, when the weather was only a bit windy. I've always fished this mangrove forest but never did any good at the rocks. Right place, wrong time. I think that is the story of most of my barra fishing but I am working on changing that." Barra Basics Graduate.

Not only do we show you Ryan's complete roadmap of where barra will be at any one time, but we also teach you how to connect with nature and make the necessary observations to accurately predict fish behaviour. It's a skill EVERY ANGLER needs to learn.


What Ryan and I hope to achieve with Barra Basics?

When you find yourself in a position to make a positive difference in people’s lives, you will be poorer for not doing so. People are clamouring for Ryan’s secrets.

But it is not about sales volume for us.

Ryan loves putting people onto fish. You don’t become a charter guide unless you do. But reality is we can’t help everyone. We want to make a positive difference in people’s lives by inspiring and supporting them in their quest. Believe me this barra fishing is not so simple. If it was there wouldn’t be such a buzz about this course. There are a million books and magazine articles out there but who has figured it out? Not many.

We want to be able to provide exemplary service and assistance to our students and we can’t do that if a thousand people go through. We are faced with the same problem as he has for charters. He is generally booked for the most productive fishing periods a year in advance. He simply cannot work all day and mentor a thousand people through the course at night. And mentor them he does therefore enrollments are capped and strictly limited.

This is what one of our course participants had to say about the mentoring from Ryan;

"This ecourse is going to be a massive success, not just because of the content involved, but the time you're devoting to your "students" to answer questions and putting forward offers like this... Congrats and thanks." Barra Basics Graduate

Hence; Barra Basics is different from any other method of fishing tuition you have ever experienced.


What are the direct benefits to you for taking this course today!

Well it is going to be around for ages so you certainly don’t have to take it today and I understand why you may be a bit reluctant. You have probably been struggling to crack the barra code for a while now and wonder what will make it different this time. Hey it is not a small investment...

But please consider...

** How much money have you invested in fishing so far? **

Boats, fuel, electronics, lures, braid, rods, reels, magazines, travel, cast nets....

Seriously, you have probably spent in excess of $30,000 and will continue to spend $, without having the time to fully trial and test your methods!

“…For me, it has definitely opened my eyes to a lot of different strategies and techniques I have not tried or thought of yet. This extent of knowledge and technique cannot be learnt in a one day charter, or even "word of mouth" from any local expert. The money I paid for this entire course is what I would pay for a one day charter locally. And I do not think I would even come close to absorbing this much great information. So thumbs up for a well laid out and informative course! Cheers!" Chris Long - Barra Basics Graduate

Not long afterwards he sent us this...

"No denying this course!! Cracker arvo again. Managed to boat a 100cm, 115cm and a 120cm. All tagged and released again. Stolked! Cheers Ryan. You did say the meterys would come soon enough.” Chris Long - Barra Basics Graduate

There is only one way to get good at something and that is to practice. Oh… and it helps to get a good coach, someone who has gone before you and knows the ropes.

Now to learn what is contained in this course by yourself is possible. Ryan has done it and you can too.

But realistically for all those hours on the water, the equipment, the time… upwards of $30,000 easy.

So you kind of only have two realistic options… Become a charter guide and get paid to be on the water 6 days a week to test it all out, or have a master fisherman like Ryan teach you all he knows using a simple flowchart, concept videos and demo videos.

Sure, you can glean a bit of info by chatting to a local at the boat ramp. Yep and it’s free. But how do the greats get great? By learning from other greats. It’s not rocket science. Stefan Edberg coaches Roger Federer, Boris Becker coaches Novak Djokovic.

And you are probably thinking, well yeah sure he has caught more than 2000 barra over a metre, but can he teach me to do it? How is he as a teacher?

Well the course was developed by Ryan's wife, Marine Biologist Karen Rudkin-Moody. Karen has two University degrees, first class honours in Marine Biology, a Bachelors Medal for Applied Science plus the University Medal. Yep over a decade at uni and has discovered a thing or two about learning.

Which is why the course is an actual course with a framework, a flow chart, a work book, concept videos and demo videos. It's a course using Ryan’s knowledge of a complicated topic that anyone can learn.

And I think that is what is blowing everyone in the course at the moment away. “Fantastic and well presented”, “well laid out and informative”. I am pretty happy with those comments.

- You will be taught where to go when to check out prospective spots.

- You will be shown how to do some of it in the comfort of your home using Google earth.

- You will be shown exactly what to look for in a location.

- You don’t even need a sounder for two of the three identification modules.

- You will discover an entirely new level of knowledge, skill and appreciation for estuary fishing.

- You will be hand-fed a trialed and proven easy to follow flowchart showing you exactly when to go.

- Plus we have a BONUS module on impoundment barra complete with it's own framework, concept video and demo videos.

- AND NEW AVANCED CONTENT e.g. Casting back waters for big fish, Advanced water collisions and dirty water lines, Advanced fast trolling and a special bonus on big tide areas such as central Queensland.


This course is not just a series of tips vids strung together throwing vague concepts at you and confusing the hell out of you.

Nor is it a series of magazine articles strung together in video format, leaving you to join the dots and work it out for yourself.

This course contains step by step instructions to discover in your local area the locations that hold and funnel barra, when to be there and what to use when you get there.


You'll have a workbook to follow, you will have homework to undertake, you will be shown by the best in the business everything he knows in an easy to follow structured way.

“Watched the first module of the Barra Basics course last night. Fantastic and well presented. Absolutely stoked not only for you and Karen but for me and my family mate, best investment I’ve made for some time, cheers” Brett Ford - Barra Basics Graduate

"I feel like I just spent several days fishing solo with Ryan Moody, with him showing me the locations, techniques and skills he mastered over thirty years as a professional Barramundi fishing guide. This course has supplied me with the confidence to effectively fish my local estuaries, or any Barramundi fishery I choose to visit. I can ask Ryan any questions through the course website and can share this learning experience with other barra basics classmates in the private group forum, a group that has been inundated with a large collection of Barramundi photographs from all over Northern Australia". Nick Philippa - Fishing Journalist and Barra Basics Graduate.


So I’m just going to repeat myself here; Barra Basics is different from any other method of fishing tuition you have ever experienced.

It is quite literally a worlds first and bouyed by the success of our students, we have patented the framework for our students exclusive use.

If you are up for a challenge, love your fishing and want to be the best you can be, you can’t afford NOT to take Barra Basics.

And for those that truly cannot afford the course, Ryan will always be posting helpful tips on the Ryan Moody Fishing website our Facebook page to help you along.

I can tell you from my own personal experience, that if you want something hard enough, you WILL make it happen. And the universe will conspire to help you.

If however you don’t want to leave it to chance, click the yellow button and register now for immediate access.

Payment plans are also available.


Barra Basics XMAS IN JULY Registrations will be open from 18th July 2019 to 22nd July 2019 and we then close registrations to focus on our new students.

Barra Basics will not be offered again until September 2019.

Typically we only run the course a few times per year due to the high level of support we provide.

We are committed to helping students catch more fish in less time!

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Barra Basics Core Program
Bonus Impoundment Module
Webinars with Ryan
Knowledge Base
12 months "Insiders" Study Group
BONUS: Sounder Skills 1
Deadline to purchase


$280 Per Month

for 5 months

Payment plan entry into Barra Basics November 2019.
  • Barra Basics Core Program
  • Bonus Impoundment Module
  • Webinars with Ryan
  • Knowledge Base
  • 12 months "Insiders" Study Group
  • BONUS: Sounder Skills 1
  • Deadline to purchase22nd July 2019

Payment Plan

$140 Per Month

for 10 months

Payment Plan entry into Barra Basics April 2020.
  • Barra Basics Core Program
  • Bonus Impoundment Module
  • Webinars with Ryan
  • Knowledge Base
  • 12 months "Insiders" Study Group
  • BONUS: Sounder Skills 1
  • Deadline to purchase22nd July 2019

I’ve fished for big Barramundi from the Cape to the Northern Territory for the past nine years on my TV show Fishin’ Trip with no success on the magical metre mark. However that all changed when we teamed up with Ryan Moody. We spent only one day with Ryan and we cracked the magical metre mark 3 times! We thank you Ryan for your knowledge, patience and your support. You make dreams come true!”

Jason Kennedy Jason Kennedy
Television Personality and Fishin' Trip presenter

We show you step by step how to catch barramundi!


Barra Basics is a proven step-by-step strategy for catching saltwater Barramundi.

  • Understand fish movements and be in the right spot at the right time and tide.
  • Discover how to identify fish holding areas in your local waterways and the preferred bait/lure selection to use at different times.
  • Tested and proven by Ryan Moody... Over two thousand saltwater barra over a metre and counting!
  • Over 900 anglers have experienced the Barra Basics difference. Are you getting left behind?
  • Hone your skills of observation and change the way you fish forever.

Introducing Barra Basics

A step by step program to catch more [and BIGGER] barra that anyone can learn.


At the end of this module you will have a easy step by step proven framework to get you in the:

  • right Territory
  • at the right Time/Tide
  • with the right Tools


Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance! At the end of this module you will know how to;

  • Collect the best live bait for barra without taking all day
  • Choose the most appropriate lure for each application
  • Convert bites to captures by using the right gear.


By using the framework about why we fish there, at the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Identify fish holding bays/headlands and know when to fish them.
  • Choose the right bait/lure (Tools) at the right Time to maximise success.
  • Entice fish to bite by proven casting and anchoring techniques.


Revisit the framework to discover how to fish shallow rock bars for barra. At the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Recognise high potential spots in your local river and creek.
  • Position the right bait at the right time to maximise chances of hooking up.
  • Know when to quit (refer to framework) and when to keep trying - tips on staying focused and mixing things up.


In conjunction with the framework outlined in Module 1, at the end of this module you should be able to:

  • Identify and locate deep holes, ledges and snags likely to hold barra and know when to fish them.
  • Use proven techniques to convert browsers into bites.
  • Learn useful boating skills to maximise your chances by positioning yourself ON the fish.


This is the pointy end where all the hard work pays off. At the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Sit on your hands and let the fish catch itself. Avoid rookie mistakes and convert bites to captures.
  • Amaze your mates by landing fish with no net.
  • Handle fish for photos/release in the best condition possible for capture on another day (when they are even BIGGER!)


In 2017 we added a great new BONUS module on Impoundment Barra

  • Complete impoundment barra framework - know where to fish when
  • What side of the dam to fish, plus when the fish go deep and when to fish shallow.
  • How to deal with barotrauma
  • Exclusive interview with Lindsay Dobe - Dam barra expert.


Over time we are adding more and more great new BONUS videos! And because you have access for life, when they're posted on site you'll get to view them.

  • Secrets to night fishing
  • Fishing big tide areas e.g Central Queensland, WA and Darwin
  • ADVANCED - Lure casting backwaters for big fish
  • ADVANCED - Dirty water lines 1 - water collisions
  • Fast trolling

Plus all our webinar recordings... HOURS of Q&A with Ryan.

How to catch big barramundi

And believe it or not you will also get:

Bonus #1: Massive knowledge base of Q&A with Ryan Moody of over 700 fully searchable entries. Includes insights into many barra fishing locations and in depth clarification - fully searchable using a search box. ($499 value)

Yes, you'll learn my top secret system of finding and fishing barra holding and funneling areas so the fish actually come to you.

...and if you have any questions about how the framework, you'll most likely get an immediate answer by a quick search of our huge Q&A database.


Bonus #2: Two group coaching webinars where you can ask me questions directly -for those that don't like typing! (Value $399)

Right now, there's absolutely no way you can hire me as a consultant. I have retired from charters to focus on helping my students catch more [and BIGGER] fish.

Barra Basics is a tried and proven learning vehicle.

...and this is your chance to come armed with your most burning questions about using the framework to catch more barra and you'll get answers from me directly.

And don't worry if you can't make the calls as we will be posting the recording inside the Barra Basics membership area.

Hi Ryan and Karen, webinar was great, I'm stuck in cold Canberra ATM and couldn't dial in, you answered the Daintree questions very well and confirmed my suspicions about the sandy flats out the front, thanks.”  Nick – Barra Basics Graduate


Bonus #3: Barra Basics Study Group - 12 months complimentary access to our private Barra Basics Facebook group with virtually unlimited access to Ryan Moody (value $499)

Barra Basics is more than just hands on training - it's a community of like-minded fishermen and women just like you.

This will be your opportunity to bounce ideas and strategies off your peers...

...and get feedback in real time.

But what's truly amazing about this is you will surround yourself with people who are looking to grow their fishing skills too. This is truly priceless.

Plus you can ask Ryan anything and get a detailed reply, often within 24 hours.

Please Note:  After 12 months you can choose to renew your membership with the community at $20/month to continue accessing our ongoing training with Ryan, coaching and Facebook group.

If you choose not to renew your community membership, you will still have lifetime access to the Barra Basics course.

Remember these insights are tried and proven and have caught over 2000 saltwater barra for Ryan and innumerable meterys for students. You just can't learn this stuff unless you have uncanny powers of observation and have spent a lifetime on the water.


Even after only one week of Barra Basics tuition, the dividends were already paying off for some of our dedicated students...

"A quick session today out on the headlands before the wind picked up with the family resulted in a 60cm Barra (and other by catches ) lure casting... All my timing and strategy had lined up with the course! Awesome no time wasted!!" Barra Basics Graduate

"Used the framework and other tips from Ryan today, and picked up this fella!" [photo of 65cm barra] Barra Basics Graduate

"Definitely money well spent this course!! First day off today, went trolling on the incoming tide. Pulled this 67cm Barra about two hours after low tide, and lost another at the boat not long before. Also caught a little 34cm Jack. Both released to fight another day!" Barra Basics Graduate




The full Barra Basics Training Course. This includes 7 concept and 17 demonstration videos, 24 all up, the tried and proven Ryan Moody Fishing Framework, workbook and strategy calendar PLUS 5 bonus videos and 15 previously recorded webinars videos (Value $1899)

Private Barra Basics Study Group on Facebook: Complimentary 12 months access. This is where you interact with Ryan, our Ambassadors, current Barra Basics students and future graduates. Previous intakes have amassed a treasure trove of insights and information on hundreds of locations that can now easily be accessed via a search function. This community is pumping and the insights are invaluable (Value $499)

Two group coaching webinars. Prefer to hear a voice. Our webinars provide an opportunity for me to personally answer your burning questions about catching barra using the framework PLUS recordings of all previous webinars with clickable time stamps to quickly find what you're looking for  (Value $399)

Knowledge Base: As a Barra Basics student, we want to make sure you get your questions answered quickly. That's why we have included over 700 Q&A interactions with Ryan in a searchable knowledge base. Search for an answer to your question while it's fresh in your mind (Value $499)

Impoundment Barra: For the freshwater fans, a whole new module has been added (Value $399)


All future bonuses and new videos added to the website included. 

Access to the course content videos and knowledge base for as long as the course exists (hopefully many many years to come)


The total value is $3695, but you'll pay far FAR less than one half of that total price.

And because of the high level of support we provide students, we typically only run Barra Basics two or three times each year.

In 2019, as part of our XMAS IN JULY promotion, the cost of lifetime access to Barra Basics is $1299.



Let’s take a look at your investments in fishing so far.


Boat $15,000 - $40,000,

$80 fuel per trip say 10 trips a year ($800),

Boat rego and insurance ($600),

Fishing combo $400 x 2 ($800),

Lures $17 each and you probably have at least 20 ($340),

Fishing magazine 5x$8 each ($40),

Braid, hooks, line, cast net etc. ($200),

Let’s not forget your electronics at $800 per unit minimum.

I know I said it before, but it's pretty important to consider. You have probably spent in excess of $30,000 on your fishing already, and will continue to spend dollars, without having the time to fully trial and test your methods!

Barra Basics will change the way you look at your fishing. Some of our guys have said it has changed their life!

Lifetime access to the full 7 module Barra Basics Course including Ryan Moody's Fishing Framework and any added bonuses, 12 months mentoring in the private Facebook study group, Q&A webinars plus an extensive knowledge base is only $1299.

Remember you have access to the videos for life.


Registrations will only be available for a limited time.

This is not some scarcity play to scare you into buying. It's the truth. We only run this class two or three times per year in order to provide top class support for students. We want you to succeed! 

But check this: When you enrol today, not only are you assured of a place in the next class, you’ll also get any future updates of Barra Basics at no additional cost.

And if I add additional bonuses, you’ll get those for free as well.


If you have any questions about Barra Basics, I’ve got good news! I’ve got answers.

Is this training live? What if I can’t make the sessions?

I’ve got great news. You have NOTHING to worry about. The module content for Barra Basics is all pre-recorded training videos.  When you enrol in Barra Basics you get access to the content for the life of the course. There is no set time period to undertake the course.

You can go through the content again and again at your leisure and at your convenience for years to come. Better still you get access to all new content and bonuses for no additional cost.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about not getting your questions answered because access to the course includes in the NEW fish smarter knowledge base with over 700 entries plus two webinars with Ryan, plus 12 months access to Ryan and our Ambassadors in the private Facebook Study Group.

And remember, you get lifetime access to the course content. So even if you have to put the course on pause, you can resume it whenever you like.


I am not the best with computers. How does the course work?

If you can watch a YouTube video, this is even easier! All the content is stored in a secure membership website. We will give you the website link, a username and password. But just like at the bank, if you don’t like the password you can change it. You can access the content via a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Anywhere there is internet access, you can log in.


I only just started fishing. Will Barra Basics work for me?

While the majority of our students will have caught some fish, I envisage a great deal of success with absolute beginners and here’s why… You will learn to think and behave like a top performer right from the start. You will avoid costly mistakes and be confident you are on the right track. We have also included a bonus on exactly what gear you need and how to use it.


I don’t have a boat. Will I still benefit from Barra Basics?

While most of the demonstrations involve the use of a vessel, catching barra is about understanding the movements and behaviour of the fish and using this to maximise your catches. At the end of the day, Barra Basics is about “fishing on the fish” to maximise your fishing productivity. Quite a few of our students have now caught a metery land based. Please understand however, it is not specifically about land based environments. We are considering a land based component for the next intake. Land based students will only be able to utilize ONE of the three identification modules.


What if I am not ready?

If you want to join Barra Basics do it now! Is there ever a time you are truly ready for anything? Past students are already achieving results and the course will not be available for purchase at this price again. Barra Basics is only run a couple of times a year so if you want to be first in line before the crowd, the time to purchase is now.


How basic is Barra Basics?

Barra Basics is designed for passionate anglers of any level. With 2000 massive metre plus saltwater barra under his belt it is doubtful there is a person alive that knows more about finding and catching barra then Ryan Moody.

That said advanced anglers may find the first two module very basic however these have been included to get beginners up to speed and everyone on the same page with the terminology.

Advanced content is being added to the course as our students have gotten so damn good we are challenging them with more advanced methods. Lure casting meterys in backwaters and fishing dirty water lines in large tidal run are just two of the recent bonuses added.

With the webinars and private facebook study group - Barra Basics can be as advanced as you want it to be! 


Is Barra Basics right for me?

I’ll level with you. To become one of the 20% of fishers catching 80% of the fish, it’s hard.

That’s why I put together Barra Basics. It’s everything I wish I had when I started my charter business.

But you do have a couple of options available.

You could try and figure it out yourself.

And you know what? With 40 hours per week of time and several years of trial and error, you could probably do it.

Or you could take the short cut.

You see, I spent the last 30 years learning the ins and outs of barra behaviour, building a profitable and successful barra fishing charter business. And I’m share everything I know inside this course.

I don’t mean to brag, but I have caught more than 2000 saltwater barra over a metre for clients, some 30,000 barra in total (actually I don’t even count anything under a metre). I practically live in the saltwater reaches of north Queensland chasing these fish and I have learned and thing or two about their patterns over the years.

As John C. Maxwell said, “A wise person learns from his mistakes. A wiser one learns from others’ mistakes. But the wisest of all learns from other’s successes.



Joe Cristaldi | Cairns


I initially hesitated at the cost of the course as it was alot of money to outlay (I bit the bullet and decided to go without any new gear for a while instead and invested in this awesome course). I thought about how much I will use it and what I will gain and boy I didn't expect to gain as much as I did.


Its all about the framework...  Framework, Framework, Framework, Framework... I'm sure you get the picture as it is your framework. Previously I use to go out fishing with no plan of attack. Now when I go out I have a word document I complete each time, it includes tides, the framework and how I anticipate to fish incoming & out going small, medium and large tides. Helps to focus on what I want to do.


I think I have answered this already but just incase you missed it THE FRAMEWORK 🙂


I have told so many people about it. I will be revisiting the course in the next 2 weeks to refresh my memory and try and understand some new bits as there were plenty of things I didn't understand/remember. Need to write me some good notes. So in short I'd highly recommend the course especially for amateur fishos like myself.

Stephen Booth

I studied environmental management and majored in freshwater ecology and coastal geomorphology and believed I had a reasonably good understanding of fish and their behaviours. But nothing compares to on the water experience and Ryan has this in bucket loads. From the very first seminar you are learning. And not just learning bits and pieces, you are learning so much that anyone will come out of this a better barramundi angler. From topics as diverse as habits and habitats, feeding and weather, Ryan sets out in plain English how you can use this to your advantage. The best part for me was that Ryan does not talk down to the people participating. He gives his knowledge to you in an easily digestible format that you can literally take to the water with you.

 The Barra Basics eCourse has given a much greater understanding of the great barramundi, and it has also given me a broader knowledge base to compare other species with. I would recommend the Barra Basics eCourse to anyone who has a love of barra fishing or who wants to go barra fishing. Novice to expert alike will have their skill set upgraded – guaranteed.

Stephen Booth , Fishing Writer | Editor

Jeff Titmarsh | Mackay


I had no real hesitations about signing up for the course. Some of my friends thought it was a bit strange since I already do fairly well but I know I really only have one main fishing tactic and that is to plan my fishing around an early morning low tide and lure fish flats, gutters, certain banks and more recently some rocky areas. The course has given me many more options and ideas so I'm looking forward to giving them a go.


It hasn't happened yet but I intend on doing some live bait fishing. I'm hoping to catch a bigger class of fish once I get on top of collecting bait at high tide and I've narrowed down some fishing spots. I have a few spots in mind for both that I'm hoping will pay off. We'll see how I go and I guess for me that's the really interesting thing about fishing.


For me the number one thing I liked most was your barramundi framework. Also bait collecting tips at high tide and the fish funnelling information was great.


Yes I would recommend your course to anyone. I do a fair amount of fishing and do quite well from time to time but I think this has joined the dots for me. I imagine if you were new to fishing this would take years of trail and error out of the equation.

Brett Ford (Townsville)

I personally can’t thank you guys enough not just from me but from our family as well. We have always loved the outdoors and now that I finally went out and purchased a boat for the first time I attribute this new confidence I have from the whole aspect of this course to plan my holiday destinations with tools I have learnt from this course. Most importantly the years of knowledge wrapped up in this course can now be shared with my kids which with my work load I would never of been able to do. Thanks a million Team Moody.

Brett Ford (Townsville), Barra Basics Graduate

Q. Where are Barra Basics students catching barra?

where can you catch barramundi

A. The framework works EVERYWHERE!

(Except Antarctica and other such places barra are not found)

To the wives and partners

For the Minister of War and Finance... just in case she needs help deciding.

Wife catches big barra
Fishing fun for the family

You could hire a charter guide, fishing writer or other full time fishing experts to show you how. But the truth is that would get really expensive.

If you’re looking to hire someone like myself for instance, my daily rate for a four person charter used to be $1080 per day. It would take weeks to teach what is contained within this course. It took nearly two years to film and produce it.

I don’t even know what I would charge to teach you one on one what is contained within this course. And at this stage anyway, it is not an option that is currently on offer.

Or you can follow the PROVEN Barra Basics training course and do it yourself with online support from me and my team… at a fraction of the cost.

It’s a no brainer really. So if you want to see me on the inside of the Barra Basics membership area FOR OUR special MID-YEAR 2019 INTAKE, don't delay and click the Yes Let Me In! button below.